Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Is Coming - Should We Embrace The Darkness?

Halloween is less than two weeks away.

Are you ready?

Do you know where the word "Halloween" came from?

Do you know that a holiday named "Samhain" was celebrated on October 31st for centuries before the word "Halloween" was invented?

Do you know that Samhain is still celebrated by many, many people today?

Do you know that many "Halloween traditions" of today can trace back to the pagan practices of ancient peoples?

Raiders News Network just came out with this great article that gets into a bit of the history of Halloween. It is surprising just how much we do not know about this holiday.

Many people would celebrate Halloween no matter what is is associated with, while others are really seeking to unmask this holiday.

So should Christians celebrate Halloween? The Christian Broadcasting Network recently released their opinion on this matter:

But are they being too soft?

Halloween is just one of many pagan holidays throughout the year. Raiders News Network also posted this guide to what witches and other pagans will do after Halloween is over:

So what are we to make of all of this?

Well, we recently released a new YouTube video on the history and the dangers of Halloween, and we believe that after you watch this video your opinions about this holiday may change dramatically:


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are aware of this, but Christmas is a pagan holiday. Leaving aside the fact that the Jesus is basically a copy of Mithras/Osiris/other cult figures, and that he was born in the summer, most of the traditions of Christmas like the colors, decorating a tree, etc. come from northern European paganism.

The Laughing Storm said...

I believe it's spelt Samhainn.
Then, funnily enough, right about the time when Christians were subverting other religions, they pinched it, and called it "all saints day" which then started being calibrated the night before, as "all hallows eve" (hallow being holy, as in saint) so it basically became the night before all saints day. Then it got shortened to hallow'een.
So where the bloody hell you get off asking if they should allow it? fuck that they caused it by fucking other peoples religion.
Plus there is nothing wrong about having fun, even if it is to the expense of your God. He's forgiving, so maybe you should be?

Kristin Joy said...

Interesting post..! Well, I am ready for the Halloween.