Friday, November 21, 2008

End Times Speed Links - Cell Phones Are Causing Cancer In Our Children

Cell Phones Cause Cancer

*Major worldwide newspapers are now admitting that cell phone use raises the risk of brain cancer for children dramatically.

False Religion On The March

*Stunning but true if current trends hold up: "Wicca Will Be The 3rd Largest Religion In The U.S. By 2012"

*An Egyptian court has ruled that a Muslim convert to Christianity must remain legally Muslim.

Bird Flu Coming?

*Hundreds of journalists are to get bird flu protection - do they know something that we don't?

Moral Collapse

*Clay Aiken: "I'm a Gay Dad"

*A new poll reveals that women rule the roost, and that's OK with men.

*A sub-prime mortgage baron is confessing his sins.

Unexplained Happenings

*Could it be possible that a classroom full of children had an encounter with some evil spirits?

*Lastly, is there actually evidence that the days of the Nephilim may be returning?

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