Sunday, November 30, 2008

End Times Speed Links - Is The Federal Reserve The Greatest Scam In History?

Greatest Scam In History?

*Have you ever wondered if the Federal Reserve is the greatest scam in history?

Vatican Ready To Welcome Aliens?

*The Vatican is now openly asking: why should we not talk about an "extraterrestrial brother"?

Epidemic Of Abandoned Children

*Authorities in the U.S. are shocked by an increasing epidemic of abandoned children.

Legacy Of Debt

*As George W. Bush's presidency comes to an end, he has left a 10,000,000,000,000 dollar debt as a legacy.

Destruction Of The Earth

*Scientists are now saying that 1 in 4 mammals faces extinction.

State And Local Governments In Trouble?

*Are state and local governments the next ones who will need huge bailouts?

Move To Secede?

*There is apparently a serious move to secede by 12 counties on the California-Oregon border.

Fighting The War On Terror With The Occult?

*The U.K. government studied the paranormal and the occult for use in the "war on terror".

A Disturbing Development

*Christians are criticizing a United Nations anti-blasphemy resolution that would hinder Christian evangelism and spread Sharia law around the globe.

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