Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Recent Notable End Times News Stories

The Liberal Agenda Marches On

*The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to stop clergy from using the name of Jesus at all public meetings.

*Compulsory sex education for children under the age of five is being proposed in the United Kingdom.

Some Good News

*The son of one of the most influential leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim terrorist group, has renounced his religion and has become an evangelical Christian. Amen!

Ron Paul Does Not Favor McCain Or Obama

*Congressman Ron Paul says there is "no difference" between presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

Stories That Show Respect For Life Is Slipping Even Further

*Planned Parenthood is openly promoting many forms of casual sex for children on their website.

*Barack Obama's sole article in the Harvard Law Review promoted abortion. Should we be surprised by this?

*Halliburton is being sued for human trafficking.

*A U.S. congressman has called Nancy Pelosi's abortion remarks "scandalous". We agree.

Cause Of Bee Deaths Found?

*Germany and France have banned pesticides linked to bee deaths.

Dubai Has A Lot Of Money To Spend

*Lastly, a giant pyramid capable of housing one million people will be built in Dubai. That is our gas money at work.

Bird Flu News

*Natural News is reporting that Bird Flu is marching through India and Indonesia. That doesn't sound good.

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