Sunday, November 9, 2008

Speed Links To Recent End Times News Stories

We Are Eating Cloned Food?

*The FDA is now saying that the offspring of cloned animals may be in our food supply.

Believers Are Ready For E.T.?

*The results of a stunning new poll reveal that many religious believers would welcome interaction with alien life forms.

Russia's New Weapon

*Russia is creating an electromagnetic super weapon. Do you think they will ever use it on the United States?

A Flu Pandemic Is Coming?

*The CDC chief is openly stating that a flu pandemic is coming.

Major Discovery In Jerusalem

*A wall dating to the time of the Second Temple has been discovered in Jerusalem.

Drowning In Debt

*The U.S. national debt is now approximately ten trillion dollars. A ten trillion dollar debt means permanent economic slavery for our children and grandchildren.

Revival Of The Pagans?

*Dozens of pagans protested and prayed to their "goddess" to protest a museum near the Parthenon in Greece.

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