Saturday, January 3, 2009

End Times Speed Links - Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates Allowed Americans To "Give The Gift Of Abortion" This Past Christmas

Abortion Gift Cards?

*Planned Parenthood actually issued Christmas gift certificates during the Christmas season so that people could "give the gift of abortion".

Hard Times

*Long lines and empty shelves are becoming increasingly common at food banks around the United States. That is not a good sign.

*A new survey reveals that homelessness is hitting women and children the hardest.

Mandatory National Service?

*Are you ready for your children to be drafted into Rahm Emanuel's mandatory national service plan?

Hizbullah Has 42,000 Missiles?

*Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that Hizbullah now has 42,000 missiles. Let us hope that they don't decide to join the war.

Are You Thankful?

*A new report by the Agriculture Department reveals that nearly one out of every eight Americans struggled to feed themselves adequately in 2007. Are you thankful for what you have?

A New Plague?

*Scientists have discovered a 21st century black plague that spreads from rats to humans. That doesn't sound good at all.

Big Brother News

*AIDS patients in eastern Indonesia may soon be forcibly microchipped against their will.

*Morocco has issued the millionth biometric contactless national identity card since they began their new program. How soon until this type of thing happens in the United States?

*Apparently you will soon need the permission of the government to travel almost anywhere in the United States.

*Have you all heard about the new police car that scans license plates and sniffs out bombs?

*The U.S. State Department has announced plans to promote "online youth groups" as a new and powerful way to fight crime, political oppression and terrorism. Will they be trying to recruit your kids?

Moral Decline

*One of the key leaders in the "emerging church" movement has written that "gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer" lifestyles are compatible with the Christian faith and should have the blessing of the church.

*This is not a joke: Michael Jackson has reportedly become a Muslim and has changed his name to "Mikaeel".

*A new survey in the U.K. reveals that for Brits it is easier to believe in ghosts and little green men from outer space than to believe in God.

*New York City officials have ordered 22 New York churches to STOP providing beds to homeless people. Isn't the government wonderful?

*According to the National Women's Health Resource Center, two out of every three women experience holiday depression. How was your holiday?

*Schoolgirls as young as 14 in the United Kingdom will be taught in school about their "right" to choose an abortion.

*A Christian police officer in the United Kingdom has been fired for witnessing to gay coworkers.

*Lastly, the fight over gay adoption continues to heat up.

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