Monday, January 19, 2009

Would You Risk Your Life To Bring Bibles Into A Foreign Country?

The sacrifices that many brothers and sisters in Christ have made to get the Bible into every country on earth should humble all of us.

The following story of amazing courage is originally from a book entitled Extreme Devotion: The Voice of the Martyrs. I don't know about you, but I can never get enough of stories like this.....


The Russian border guard was walking a routine patrol. With the end of World War II, borders were zealously guarded for any suspicious activities. Two threats were paramount: Soviet citizens trying to escape and smugglers trying to bring in illegal items such as Bibles.

This particular guard had been assigned to the border between the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and Romania. He walked slowly in the peaceful cold, running his flashlight back and forth over the freshly fallen snow.

Suddenly his reverie was broken as his light stuck some indentations in the snow. Footprints! Headed into Romania! He raised his whistle to his lips and sounded a long, steady, shrill alarm.

Soon other guards surrounded him. "This way! This way!" he jumped and shouted, pointing to the four sets of footprints. "They can't be far! Perhaps we can catch them before they reach Romania!" The group headed out as quickly as they could into the night.

At the sound, four Romanian Christians froze in the darkness. The listened intently, as the guards' shouts and the barking slowly got farther and farther away. They turned and smiled to one another. At the nod of their leader, they continued their journey, carefully walking backwards into Ukraine, carrying their precious cargo of Bibles to their brothers and sisters in the underground church.

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