Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Darwinism Deception

A new study has found that the theory of evolution is far less accepted in the United States than it is in most other western countries.

But unfortunately the bad news is that the majority of people who live in western countries are incredibly deceived when it comes to these matters. Darwinism is especially dominant in Europe, and if trends don't change, the numbers that we see in Europe will be the numbers that we see someday in the United States.

A chart that shows the results of this study is below.....

Well, it looks like the data shows that there is a consensus in the western world that the theory of evolution is true.

But is it?

What does the science actually say?

You might be surprised.

We recently wrote an article entitled "The Creation/Evolution Debate" which demonstrates that when you actually look at the facts they do NOT support Darwinism.

But people cling to the theory of evolution because the alternative is unthinkable to them - that there is a God who created them and who they are ultimately accountable to.

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