Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is The Easy Gospel Being Preached By So Many Modern Churches That Avoids Talking About Sin, Judgment And Hell Doing A Lot More Harm Than Good?

Many churches in America today are preaching a "seeker friendly" version of the gospel in order to draw in the crowds. They believe that if they "tone down" the aspects of Christianity that are offensive, then more people are likely to listen to the message. But does this type of "easy gospel" do more harm than good? By avoiding the topics of sin, judgment and hell are these churches doing a great disservice to those who are lost?

The video posted below has some very strong thoughts about this. The video is entitled "Modern Evangelism" and it features the work of A.W. Tozer. As you watch the following video, please reflect on the nature of the gospel that the church you are attending is currently preaching....

For even more on this topic, we encourage you to check out this article: What Does The Bible Say About Judgment?


SuccessGranted said...

While I believe it is important for churches to be invitational and welcoming to all who are curious about Jesus or knowing God, if the personal relationship to Jesus does NOT include his Lordship of our lives and our accountability in that relationship, then the church runs the risk of apostasy.

There is no consideration in life of greater consequence than knowing who Jesus is and deciding whether or not to allow Him to be your personal Lord and Savior. And if we do not understand our sin nature and the worldly influences that promote that nature, we will never be able to fully yield to Jesus as LORD. Yes, it is a danger if the church does not emphasize such matters and the video is right on target in reminding us of this need.

LeeAnn said...


I think the problem with being "seeker friendly" is the gospel is too watered down. "Ask Jesus into your heart" is the only message given, with no opportunity/messages given for growth for actual Believers sitting in the pews.

We should come to church to get fed and inspired to get "back out" to the save the world.

"Go ye into all the world" .... not, "Make church buildings and hope the sinners come in"