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The Problem With Enforcement Of Beliefs‏

A good portion of the world is mired in ignorance. This ignorance is often defended with violence of the worst kind. You see a lot of the world believes that the world is Flat. We are the center of the universe. The Sun revolves around the Earth as do all the other planets and stars. The Earth is half way between Heaven and Hell. Go up or go down. That is the choice. The problem is it is just not so.

This group wants to burn at the stake anyone that believes different than themselves. In the 16th century, that was the dilemma of the Catholic Church. All of the accepted beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church of that century were coming apart.

Columbus was guilty as charged. He was responsible for the whole thing. Columbus believed the planet was round. (he was wrong, of course, the world is somewhat pear shaped, but that wasn't discovered until this last century, it is not perfectly round though it is close.) Then there was this fellow named Galileo. How dare he upset the parish with his false doctriine. The Earth orbits the Sun, ridiculous. Burn him at the stake.

The Spaniards explored South and part of North America. So did the Portuguese, the French, the English, the Germans, etc. The Catholic Church was frantic. They brought documents back from the New Continent that disturbed every belief the church held dear. Burn the documents before anyone knows! And that is exactly what they did. Then they proceeded to destroy the natives of that continent that might hold different beliefs than themselves! Destroy all historical evidence!

Montizuma's revenge struck. It was of course syphllis. It had never been known in Europe before they started raping the women of the Americas. The rape victims had a partial immunity built up to the disease. Enough that they looked normal. It just wasn't so. They had Syphillis and shared.

The Catholics of the time had a really neat system of sin. The system was you do anything that pleases your devilish flesh and heart. Come to confession, do a few Hail Mary's and all is forgiven.

You can do this any number of times. Don't forget the tithe on the way out the door to sin some more.

The policy was sin no more. But no one was doing that. The confessional was full every week.

So the Spaniards and other Europeans went forth and raped and pillaged a continent. The Catholic response was confess and do your penalties then go do it again. Many a priest in the old world used this excuse of confession. I have no idea what sins they were guilty of. I do know many illegitimate families existed. Many a priest had a family on the side. This is history. It is spelled out in any number of books. At the time, history says most of Europe was Catholic with the religion being ruled from Rome.

Syphillis changed all that. Your soul might still be forgiven, but your body sure wasn't. Many a person died horribly of Syphillis. It was spread by sailors all over Europe. It didn't kill right away. So it was possible to go from person to person.

Then there is the pig. If pig flesh is not cooked properly, then a parasite survives. It is a tiny worm and it settles in the muscle tissue. But we all know according to the church and St. Peter that it is all right to eat Pig meat, right? Wrong. 65% of the autoposies done in this country find evidence of this worm in the flesh! I could go on. Shrimp and Oysters are nature's pond cleaners. They absorb all the filth of the oceans! If you have a load of contaminated shrimp or oysters, haul them out to sea to fresh water. Within 24 hours, the shrimp will be clean and clear to sell!

My point is that disobeying the rules of the old testament, specifically Moses diet laws, have penalties that have nothing to do with religious belief. The Catholics had a famine. It was bad. They released people to eat pig meat in order to survive. That doesn't change natural law. You eat the worms, you might get worms.

My point is that we are in the midst of one of the most incredible revolutions ever to hit this planet. The revolution is in the constantly changing knowledge of what is and what isn't. Every religion on the planet that believes the physical universe is the same as it was in the 6th century is doomed. That is because no matter what you believe, if it is any where near wrong, then you personally might end up paying the penalty. Our perception of things is changing.

Even the scientists are having a really hard time with the knowledge that is being discovered. First, you had Isaac Newton. Newton physics described a whole bunch of laws that no one before had discovered in recent times. And Isaac considered himself a Christian. With Newton physics an entire new set of engineering rules came into play. Those rules were the foundation for a lot of devices we depend on to this day. Things like refrigerators, air conditioning, the diesel and gasoline engines, and much more. Then there was a man named Maxwell, his electronic and magnetic discoveries pathed the way to modern electronic devices. This occurred in the 1870s.

Tesla and Edison put together an entire technology based on these laws! A lot of what Tesla was working on in 1943 is still classified by governments.

As far as I know, no one person has influence over the natural laws of the Universe. If you step off a roof, you are going to fall. If you walk on water, it better be ice. Otherwise most of us will drown.

So it was a real shock to the scientists when everything wasn't what it should be in the world of very small. We are still trying to decifer that. Language is inadequate to describe what is going on all around us. It can only be described with advanced math. Things developed by Newton-like calculus.

I don't speak calculus. Though I often see physics people with blackboards full of caculations. They use chalk because it is easy to erase and start over. It is that revolutionary and that volitile. Often the rules they set down have miscalculated something, and they have to go back and start over.

Into this technical and often confusing knowledge comes your nuclear physics people. In 1905,

Albert Einstein blew the entire science community away with his advanced theory on General Relativity. From that came pioneers that actually started atomic bombs. These bombs were so powerful that they scared everyone and rightfully so.

Compare that with people all over the world with belief systems. The reason they are violent is the belief systems do not parallel the physical universe as we are now beginning to understand it. I hate to tell these people, the world is not flat, we are not the center of creation everywhere. Even that is a big if. We simply do not know all the facts to determine what is or is not so.

As of the 19th century, a lot of people still believed very sincerely based on translations of the Bible that the entire Universe is only 6,000 years old. They may be right! Or wrong! But no one here is suggesting that how one believes should be violently enforced. The rules they are changing, our knowledge of the universe is constantly being updated, and even the scientists are confused a lot of the time. It is that complex.

And that was the problem of the Catholic Church. The Church was going through future shock. The rules are not set in stone. And that is a problem, religions all over the world are facing. The things we thought we understood, may or may not be so. So it really comes down to faith in your beliefs.

Charles Darwin between centuries thought up a theory. (To laymen, that meant an educated guess.)
Evolution is how we all started, right? Maybe . . . Then how do you explain evidence of a major genetic manipulation in our own cells? Every evolutionist on the planet seems to think we came from a branch of mammals called apes. (He isn't my Uncle(grin)) Apes have 48 chromosomes. We have 46. Only two of those chromosomes on the end of the line are double the size of every other one in humans. That is how you manipulate genes! So now every evolutionist on the planet is carefully ignoring the evidence! Seems familiar to me. Just like the Earth is Flat people. It has become a religion instead of a science!

No one is immune to being blind to change.

Right now everything I ever learned is being called into question. And it should be. For instance, two atoms light years apart. You change one atom and the other atom changes with it. No apparent connection between the two atoms. They are doing that right now in Quantum Physics. The only explanation that makes sense is extra dimensions we cannot see. We do not have the ability to observe both atoms. We have found atoms half way around the world that exhibit this change. It appears to disobey all the laws of physics that we know. It does not obey the law of physics that nothing can travel faster than light.

I guess it depends on how much you personally have invested in a belief system. Scientists are no exception.

Just when you thought it was safe to believe something, evidence contradicts those beliefs. The scientists have a problem. If the universe has 11 dimensions, if time goes in more than one direction, then all the laws of Newton physics are only half right! The laws only apply to things of our size!

Heaven and Hell may be sets of dimensions in other Universes! The Bible that science attempted to disprove might be right! How embarrasing for them! Well, we can always ignore the evidence and let someone down the road handle it . . . and people in charge of all these religions have a similar dilemma.

I call it the ostrich effect. If the facts do not agree with how one believes . . . Then by all means put your head in the sand and ignore the facts. If someone disturbs you kill them.

One of the most revolutionary technologies coming out of this quantum physics is the possibility of a television camera that captures the sound and images of the past. That means we could take a camera to a place and actually film digitally what actually happened. Maybe back to Christ. Maybe back to Mohammed. Maybe back to Moses. I think there is no place on the planet where that camera would be safe from false religions attacking and killing everyone involved. It would be interesting to see who was in that riot mob. I suspect it would contain high people in all the religions on the planet.

They are all suffering from the advancement of knowledge and future shock.

I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I believe he can change the rules of the natural universe. I believe I cannot. Only with his permission can the rules be changed. We can pray.

Sometimes miracles do actually occur. They are not explanable by science or man. Where 3 Christians get together . . . I believe.

A lot of what the Bible says is true. I think all of us should have been following the Moses diet for long health. Just like most of us should take resting on the seventh day seriously for good health. I don't feel it is a hard and fast rule penalized by death. The test is: anything involving the supernatural influence changing the rules is most likely an exception made for us by God through Jesus.

Everything else follows the rules of the Universe. If you attempt to walk on water, you will most likely fall into the water. If you violate the rules of life you may suffer from veneral diseases. If you eat the wrong foods you might have health related problems such as parasites.

What we have to do is have everyone in all the religions come to an agreement on the rules of behavior we are willing to accept from them. Last time I looked the ten commandments were supposedly followed by a lot of religions. That means no killing. No violence. It means the religion has to stand on its own merits and nothing else. That includes atheist beliefs as practiced by different government groups world wide. How come they are not being attacked? Seems a little rotten to me. I mention my own belief system only as an example so no one believes I may be atheist. I am not. Too many things in my own life lead me to my own belief system. The point is I have a right to believe what I want and not what some group wants me to believe or else.

My belief is that any religion that enforces its rules with violence is from the Devil. He is a very convincing liar and many have been herded in with these tactics. Believe what I believe or die!

I guess the Earth must be flat after all. I want to live.

(authored by Dave Webb)

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Careful. ;-)
Don't completely jump into the world's lies...

A flat earth and geocentrism were NOT Christian/Catholic inventions.

The pagans invented them first...

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