Saturday, November 15, 2008

End Times Speed Links - Are You Ready For Genetically Modified Pigs With Human Genes In Them?

Pig/Human Hybrids?

*In the U.K., they are actually going to begin breeding genetically modified pigs WITH HUMAN GENES IN THEM in the hope of providing organs for humans who "need" them.

What's In Your Water?

*Are pharmaceutical drugs in your drinking water? Yuck!

Rampant Sexual Sin

*The credit crisis is now being blamed for the rising number of adulterous wives in the U.K.

*There are reports of yet another sex scandal in the U.S. government.

Global Cooling?

*Is global warming finished? 2008 was the coolest year in five years.

Food Shortages Coming?

*Uh oh - the IFA is reporting the worst harvest in 50 years.

*The United Nations reports that the Ethiopian food shortage is getting really bad.

Stunning Discovery

*Has a researcher discovered the remnants of a vast prehistoric civilization near Lake Titicaca?

It Takes A Lot Of Cash To Spread Radical Islam

*A lot of people don't realize that Saudi Arabia Spends BILLIONS Each Year Spreading Radical Islam Around The Globe.

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