Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End Times Speed Links - Hillary Clinton Is The Next Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton - Secretary Of State

*Hillary Clinton is going to accept the job of Secretary of State offered by president-elect Barack Obama, but many residents of Obamaland are NOT happy.

Satanism Is Not Just For The United States

*Satanism happens in Russia too - Satan worshippers have killed and eaten four Russian teenagers after stabbing each of them 666 times.

Out Of Control Women

*In the United Kingdom, women are deserting the Church by the thousands and are turning to the pagan religion of Wicca.

*First there were matching tattoos, then there were public declarations of love and now it has been announced that Lindsay Lohan will marry her lesbian lover.

Jolly Old England?

*According to the leaders of a taxpayer funded project in the United Kingdom, children as young as five years old should be "taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex".

*In a stunning shift, the Church of England has offered an apology to Charles Darwin. Should Christians apologize to Mao and Stalin as well?

*The Church of England also now claims that Halloween is "similar" to Christmas Eve.

A New Religion

*One of the "scholars" from "The Jesus Seminar" has started a new religion.

99 Year Old Woman Attacked

*An illegal alien has raped a 99 year old woman. Do any of you still think illegal immigration is a good idea?

Attack Of The Clones?

*An Australian company has been licensed to clone human embryos and to experiment on them.

Is Anyone Watching The Russians?

*The Russian Navy will formally adopt the new Bulava ballistic missile in 2009.

New Survey

*A new religious survey is revealing how Americans feel about God and church.

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