Sunday, February 15, 2009

End Times Speed Links - Government Officials Will Visit Every Home In The U.K. In Order To Help Them Go Green

Headlines Around The World

*Energy experts in the U.K. are going to visit every home in the country in order to "help them go green".

*A new U.N. report says that the world is in denial about human trafficking.

*Is Nigeria moving towards a cashless society?

Persecution News

*A major academic publisher is recalling copies of the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization because the articles in it are "too Christian" and "too anti-Muslim."

*A primary school receptionist in the U.K. is facing the prospect of being fired after her daughter talked about Jesus to a classmate.

*ABC News is slamming Christian missionaries in Brazil.

Charles Darwin's Birthday

*Charles Darwin's birthday was during this past week, and many churches were actually celebrating it.

*The Vatican says that Charles Darwin was on the right track when he claimed that humans descended from apes.

*One secularist group is celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin by putting ads on billboards that encourage people to "Evolve Beyond Belief".

*On "Darwin Day", myths were paraded about as facts.

Moral Collapse

*A new study reveals that teens spend 87 hours per year looking at online porn.

*Batwoman has made her comic book comeback as a lesbian.

*One group is warning the public about "sex kitten" toys that are targeted at young girls.

Economic Problems

*The net worth of Americans has fallen 20 percent since the beginning of the economic downturn.

*Home prices in the United States fell 12.4% during 2008. That was the biggest one year decline since the National Association of Realtors began keeping comprehensive records in 1979.

Bird Flu News

*Time magazine is asking this question: Is China Making Its Bird Flu Outbreak Worse?

*The Taipei Times has this startling headline: A Bird Flu Epidemic In The Making

Earth In Travail

*Russian scientists are genetically engineering goats to produce the same milk as a human mother.

*Hospitals and long-term medical care institutions across the U.S. are flushing 250 million pounds of pharmaceutical drugs directly into public sewer systems each year.

*Lastly, the devastating drought in Texas is becoming absolutely brutal.

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