Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Financial System Of The United States Is Headed For Disaster

Most Americans are in denial and believe that the financial system is just fine.

But the truth is that the United States is facing an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

Normally we are not big fans of Glenn Beck, but in the video below he does a great job of showing the insane amount of dollars that we are injecting into the economy.

The only way that this madness can end is in financial disaster.

Check out this video and see if it does not leave you totally stunned.....


brandon said...

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Dani' El said...

The economy is teetering on the brink, but the big judgment that will destroy the USA is found in Luke 17:28-37.

With California destroyed, the USA will cease to exist as we know it. What is left of the nation will be absorbed into the North American Union, one of the 10 toes of Daniel's prophecy.

With the USA so weakened, the whole world will spin off into war, nation rising up against nation, with the end result, the Antichrist rising up preaching peace when there is no peace.

The linch-pin God will pull is the Yellowstone Caldera, which will rain fire and brimstone down on the wicked cities of the western USA, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas.