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Will The Great End Time Deception Begin On the Day The Mayan Calendar Ends In 2012?

Today we have a guest post by Reverend Ed Donnally.  You can find out more about Reverend Donnally by visiting his website (  Reverend Donnally has some very intriguing insights into the year 2012 and the connection between the UFO phenomenon and the great deception of the end times.  While we do not see eye to eye with Reverend Donnally on everything (for example we have a much different perspective on the rapture), we felt that his article raises a lot of interesting issues and was definitely worth posting.  After reading Reverend Donnally's article, please leave a comment letting us know what you think....


December 21, 2012 is the day the Mayan Calendar ends and a group of scientists have singled out as the most likely for a variety of end time calamities, ranging from unprecedented sun spots to a super volcano eruption beneath Yellowstone National Park. One very famous Christian TV minister says the date could mark the “rapture,” when believers will be called up to meet Christ in the air.

Some $591 million of our taxpayer dollars blasted into space on March 7, 2009 with the rocket carrying the Kepler Satellite to search for life on other planets. Since 1981, the Catholic Church has searched the skies above Sedona, AZ, a hot bed of UFO sightings. Meanwhile, a large segment of the New Age Religion predicts a soon coming “Shift,” when a more enlightened human consciousness becomes the norm. A recent AOL poll showed 77% of respondents believe that UFOs are real and manned by beings. These beings, claim most New Agers, are really the group of super intelligent beings that fathered man and brought civilization to the Sumerians some 7000 years ago and will soon return to save the world from its inhabitants.

Might the “drop dead” date in 2012 be the day the Age of Aquarius, heralded by the New Age Religion, officially begins? The same date the Bible’s “strong delusion” starts? The same date humans have their first verifiable contact with “space aliens?” As bizarre as that sounds, there are signs this may be the case.

First, the number of UFO sightings has increased dramatically in recent years along with a growing public perception that there is indeed something strange in out skies. The New Age Religion is growing and a possible contributing factor to the faltering attendance in mainstream churches and decreasing number of Christians recorded recently in a Trinity College study. The New Agers now likely represents the single largest unchurched people group in the nation. Their belief system is a greater threat to the modern Christian church than even Islam.

A recent survey of US adults from 1991 to 1995 shows that New Agers represent a steady 20% of the population and are consistently the third largest religious group. About 1 in 4 believe in a non-traditional concept of the nature of God or in particular one associated with New Age thinking:

New Age Religion is not a religion at all but a vast mixing of numerous religious and philosophical ideas. It has similarities to ancient Gnosticism, the belief that superior or secret knowledge could get one into heaven. It was a belief Apostle Paul refuted in Colossians, Corinthians and particularly in I Tim 6:20.

As in the case of the Bible’s Gnostics, some modern Christian churches incorporate new age beliefs into their teachings.

In this time of economic stress and a growing belief that the world may soon end, we see an increasing number of yoga and meditation classes within church walls. Many Christian read and accept the premise of enlightened spirituality told in a maze of best sellers.

In addition, the modern satanic movement has become their ally. Started in 1966 by Pop Culture icon Anton LeVey, this group doesn’t preach the worship of Satan, but one’s self. Thus the movement has been cleverly folded into the New Age Religion. However, a new group of fundamentalists called Theistic Satanists is emerging, and it does indeed teach the worship of Lucifer. One branch is the Cult of Lam named after Lam. This being was conjured by infamous English warlock, Aleister Crowley during a satanic sexual rite performed with his homosexual partner. In 1918 Crowley drew the entity, which is identical to the alien grays of UFOs. Oddly, this satanic sect agrees with a growing group of Christian theologians who say these being are the Bible’s fallen or unholy angels.

Meanwhile, New Age priests are selling millions of books on channeling “spirit guides.” The movement as a whole has spawned a rash of other best sellers from “The Celestine Prophecy” to “The Secret.” New Age authors Eckerd Tolle and Deepak Chapura get more national air time than most past presidents.

Oddly, these spirit guides seem to have come all the way from other universes to refute Christianity and herald their return to perform a worldwide cleansing of the unenlightened, save the earth, and set up the One World Order and Religion.

This belief is the mirror opposite of the biblical end time teachings. Genesis six says that fallen angels cohabitated with human women and nothing about extraterrestrial gods founding the human race. During the New Testament’s rapture, believers in Christ as Savior will be “called up,” or leave the earth and most likely kick off the seven-year tribulation period. Here, the Bible’s Antichrist comes to power and this group of earth’s saviors show up, just as Revelation 12:7 states: “(Satan) was cast to earth and his angels with him.”

In a 2002 poll by Quark, a monthly science magazine, showed that 80% believe other life forms exist in the universe and 55% percent of the US population believes there is a foundational truth for the existence of UFOs. A Newsweek poll in 1996 said 48% believe UFO’s are real, 29 % believe we have made contact with aliens and 48% believe there is a government conspiracy to cover it up. Britain’s “Daily Mail” reported that the number of sightings doubled in 2008 from 2007 to 285. In a Gallop Pole in 1947, the year of the famous Roswell NM incident, only 10% said they believed in UFOs.

Clearly we are being prepared for a verifiable visit. A decade ago a few cutting edge Christian theologians ventured to claim, these space alien are actually demons. Today, hundreds of Christian web sites and preachers are saying the same thing. Some say it’s possible Satan and his minions will physically return in a spaceship and that the Bible’s False Prophet could be a gray or one of “elders,” some abductees are reporting seeing on board these craft. It’s likely the Bible’s great end time apostasy would result from the growing New Age Religion. This connecting and interlocking scenario could well be the prophesied “strong delusion” of II Thessalonians 2:11 and I Timothy 4:1’s prophesied: “doctrines of demons.”

How do we respond? Our evangelistic efforts are now more vital than ever. As watchmen on the wall, Christians are told to make the world aware. Our nation’s population knows well Satan’s end time viewpoint. Are we not to publicize ours? And if December 21, 2012 happens to be our date of departure, are we ready?


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Jeannie said...

Great article. I share some of the same ideas about 2012. Hope you checkout my blog at, let me know what you think so we can share thoughts. God bless :)

Joshuaaliali said...

In the Bible it says that no man nows the date or the hour. Just be prepare.

Anonymous said...

I will say that 2012 is not a deception- but that over the centuries the 'celestials' have left their mark with every advanced culture-and have implanted the end times concept in each culture but with varying revelations of truth.

One thing I know of for certain-that what humans call 'aliens' are not aliens at all- actually, we humans are latent comers to the universe and celestial beings have been here much longer than humans-so from their viewpoint we are actually 'aliens'- the celestial beings are all offspring of deity they have been here for an 'eternity' longer than humans-we are the detroyers of our world- and the celestials are beings who have come to save humans who have legitimate higher intelligence-and to eliminate the Satanic, immoral strains of human DNA- but the Apocalypse is the method by which Deity will destroy this rotting civilization-after which he'll replace it with a new one- 'the new Jerusalem'- celestials contain in their knowledge many 'secrets' of science and the correct way to build a civilization- thus they will be instrumental in the new world which will be built after Armageddon.